When not being worn, store your piece of jewellery in the acid free tissue paper and box provided. Take care not to drop or scratch your jewellery.

Avoid perfumes, lotions and hairspray as they contain chemicals that can damage the finish on your piece. When getting ready, put your jewellery on last.

Take jewellery off before getting in the shower or going swimming. Chemicals in chlorine can permanently damage your jewellery.



Each piece of Stacey Bentley jewellery can be made up of various materials so it is important to look after your purchase carefully.

Enamel: Take extra care when looking after your enamel jewellery. Avoid dropping and store in a separate box to the rest of your collection. To clean use a soft toothbrush, warm water and washing up liquid to brighten the enamel colour. Do not place in silver cleaning solutions.

Silver: Clean your jewellery using a silver polishing cloth or silver cleaning solution.

Gold: Clean your jewellery using a gold polishing cloth or gold cleaning solution.

Oxidised Silver: Oxidised silver does not need cleaning. Please be aware that oxidised silver does wear down over time revealing the silver underneath making the piece take on a new life and different aesthetic. You will need to get your piece re-oxidised as you wear your jewellery.

Gold Plated Silver: Keep your gold plated jewellery stored in the box provided or in a plastic zip lock bag to avoid tarnishing. Clean with a soft gold polishing cloth. Avoid using any chemical cleaning solutions or abrasive cleaning materials as this will remove the plated layer of gold. You may need to get your jewellery re-plated over time.

Gold Leaf: Store your gold leafed jewellery in the box provided. Gold leaf does not need cleaning but may need refreshing over time.



Stacey provides a re-plating, re-oxidising and gold leafing service at her studio. We can also resize rings. and clean your jewellery. Please contact Stacey for more information and a price list.